The following is an overview of the services our company offers. C7 Works has over 50 years of experience in store design services, store equipment and project management in the convenience store industry.


Development and Design Service

  • Complete store design and equipment specification services.
  • Complete electrical and plumbing drawings per our floor plan.
  • Complete cabinet/countertop drawings that are based upon a field measurement to ensure accuracy.
  • As-built design services to field verify existing store dimensions, store equipment and complete an updated cad design.
  • Convert as-built drawings into new store designs that incorporate new cabinet drawings, store equipment specifications, complete electrical and plumbing specifications.
  • Specification books are supplied as a part of our services for the purpose of accuracy and site questions.

Procurement Management

  • Work closely with client to determine equipment specifications and current design for each project.
  • Consolidate equipment specifications and generate equipment proposals per each floor plan.
  • Obtain competitive quotations as needed and produce a complete store package that includes equipment, installation and design packages.
  • Coordinate with general contractor to establish a schedule for equipment installation and maintain constant communication with all parties involved.
  • Purchase all equipment and handle invoicing with corporate and licensee.

Project Management

  • Responsible for producing the scope of work documents for corporate/licensee.
  • General Contractor selection: coordination of pre-bid walks with general contractors. Review of general contractors’ bids to ensure scope of work entirely captured in the bids.
  • Assisting licensee in purchasing all equipment and fixtures for their project- either in issuing purchase orders on their behalf or doing the purchasing and carrying the paperwork for them.
  • Working closely with the onsite contractor in scheduling, logistics and scope of work details.
  • Responsible for multiple store visits, pre-construction, mid-construction and post construction punch review walks. We feel it is very necessary to be at site regularly and to develop and close working relationship with the contractor and all of our install companies.
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